Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wild Sharpening Stones

    Sharpening stones are necessary kit correct? Indeed they are, so much so because their a vital component to maintaining the most important manufactured tool carried into the wilds; a metal knife. A sharp rust free knife is a proper knife, a proper knife is a functioning knife, a functioning knife in the hands of a skilled person can make miracles commonplace. From carving fire kits, traps, feather sticks, containers, spoons, bows, arrows, spears, butchering, shelter components, to cooking rigs, a knife equals life. Thus a smart plan is to have a backup for your sharpening stone that can be found in the wilds, keeping that ever important tool in top shape no matter the situation.
    Stones found amongst streams, rivers and lakes fit the requirement as a Primitive Mimic for a sharpening stone. Truly all that must be found is a smooth stone with a flat spot. Sharpening in the same way as a handheld stone makes quick work of sharpening a knife's edge, I use small circles along my knife's edge, alternating sides until my edge is ferocious. That's it, done deal.

...If ever your found in the wilds without your sharpening stone, never forget whence sharpening stones originated.


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  1. This is a very good article about Wild Sharpening Stones.Sharpening stone is a useful tool.If we use knife, scissors we have to know the way of sharpening.Thanks for sharing the info with all us.