Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Modified Hunter's Firelay

    I recently came up with a modification that improves on the Hunter's Firelay. The classic style is basically 2 logs laid parallel to each other over the heart of a fire's ember base. The logs are kept close enough to hold a pan just above the fire.

    The main issue with this setup, is the kindling must be stuffed under the pan to burn, thus stifling the air flow the fire needs to burn efficiently and clean; the fire starved of oxygen struggles and must be maintained frequently as it produces a less than ideal heat.

    My modification starts by slightly angling the parallel logs into a subtle "A" shape. Next, I add a third log at the end of the parallel logs. Last of all, I change the location of the kindling so it's no longer stuffed under the pan, its now on the third log with an additional log laying perpendicular for a heat reflector.

    Its quite easy to accomplish and elevates the fire from the stuffy interior of the parallel logs to the open air, now heat created is reflected into the cooking pan or pot as well as the 3 logs to which it sits; the logs underneath in turn glow red with embers sustaining and magnifying the heat the humble kindling creates. Its a pleasure cooking on this firelay, stews are boiled with hardly any effort in terms of fuel gathering.

...A hand full of sticks has never done so much work!


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  1. Hey Mitch. Just wanted to say great work with YouTube. I can't wait to see how the show you are on turns out. I just wanted to request a video mini series that would feature you in the wilderness for a few days and making videos in that time whilst doing things in that area in the days there (hope that all made sense). Anyway, thanks for reading and God Bless! -Ethan