Monday, April 27, 2015

Panissed Fish

    Panissing a fish is extremely satisfying, its a bit of old bushcraft thats fallen into disuse over the years. Ive eaten everything from Trout to Salmon with this method, and it never disappoints! The means to cook with this method are easy to obtain, a straight thumb thick stick double the length of the filet is split 3/4's down its length, and 2 sharpened pinky sized sticks, are woven through the top and bottom of the filet, continuing across the back and poke through the filet's face on the opposite side. The last step of prep is sliding the held open long split stick up the filet's middle, following the path of where the spine was.
    At this point the fish resembles a boat's sail. Using roots or other natural cordage, tie the top of the split stick with 2 half hitches or a clove hitch to secure and tighten the panissed fish in place.
    Roasting a fish in this manner is very easy, you simply angle the fish toward your fire and its done cooking when its golden brown. Cooking this way is simple, delicious, and adds absolutely no weight to your pack.

...Life becomes a little more enjoyable when little sticks at your camp, comprise your cooking equipment.

-Mitch Mitchell

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