Friday, April 24, 2015

The Ultimate Bedroll

    Bedroll. The word means so much more to those of us that spend long periods in the wilds. A bedroll is our bed, our sanctuary, and our place of healing. It is our shelter, within our shelter. My bedroll that I've devised is Fire Proof, Water Proof, and Cold Proof; only resistant truly, as nothing is "proof" not even granite (ask the tides who's winning that one).
    My bedroll consists of three components, a sleeping bag, a waterproof bivy, and a wool bivy. My wool blanket I've specifically designed to be rigged into a bivy while still retaining its ability to be a simple blanket. The sleeping bag and waterproof bivy keep me warm and dry while the wool bivy provides additional warmth and the all important fire resistance to the equation; allowing me to lay near my fire vastly improving my state of sleep, and increasing the temperature range my bedroll can function in.

...A bedroll with these attributes is quite potent, a warm and dry repose goes a long way in the cold and wet seasons of the year, while just the light and comfy blanket provides the means for a restful sleep in the scorching season.

-Mitch Mitchell