Friday, April 24, 2015

The Caveman Steak

    The Caveman Steak is one of my all time favorite ways to prepare a good cut of steak. Delmonico's/Rib Eye's, Strip's, Tenderloin's, the usual suspects brought to perfection quite easily with  this incredible cooking technique. Coals are generated by burning some Oak or other hardwood of your choice that thrives in your local bioregion, and while the logs are still black and orange another stick is used to pop the coals free from the logs. In a matter of moments a sizable pile is easily accomplished and spread flat with a stick creating your cooking surface. Its incredible to realize these coals are screaming hot yet with care they wont burn or dirty your dinner.
    Simply lay your steak on the coals for 2-3 mins, then scrape off any coals that adhere to it when flipping it to cook the other side. If your coals need to be rewarmed, just drag some fresh coals from your fire onto them.
    Enjoy the incredibly robust flavor of an ancient cooking technique that has been with us for millennia, coupled with a genuine satisfaction from cooking without any pots or pans.
...A truly timeless method.

-Mitch Mitchell

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