Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Magic Of Spoon Carving

    Ive carved many spoons over the years, and the season, the locale, the type of wood used, even the weather at the time, all play a part in forming the memory carried within it. Some spoons are basic with clean lines, others sleek with refined angles, all depending on my whim at the time and listening to what the wood was telling me to carve. Point being, there's a magic to walking into a forest and keenly choosing your work piece to whittle down into an elegant, yet functioning work of bush art literally employed everyday at meal time to cook your soups and stews, to flip your frying fish filets, to stir your coffee and teas, to mix your bannocks, and of course; savor each spoonful of a meal.
    Creating something so valuable for everyday living with your hands, knife and wits, imparts a feeling of connection for the forest within yourself that's reaffirmed every meal its spoon shares with you.

-Mitch Mitchell

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