Sunday, September 15, 2013

Veils of Reality

    Whilst peering in a far track of woodland the veils of reality are not readily apparent. For the blood of the trees, conceal their rich cache of sweet syrup coursing in veins just out of touch. The stony acorns caress their illustrial meal, bidding all who wander a test of persistence and creativity. The formidable hive, a fortress of divine nectar thwarts all those lacking imaginative will. Roots and wounds, ponder when a traveler might concoct a weird mixture dreamt with eternal hunt's in the mind's eye. Yes, the very waves crashing above the continental shelf, curiously observe all who feel yet do not free the grains from their graceful prison. How long shall the minerals afoot wait for a keen eye to release their true form within? They care not, for their patience is of the aeons, unmarred amongst the ages before and after the frailties of organic thoughts.
    Indeed there are many veils of reality a mere thought away, surrounding and encompassing, enriching to character and skill; if one but knows, hears, feels, smells, envisions, even...converses.

...What veils are surrounding you?

-Mitch Mitchell

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