Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Supreme Gift

    The Life Granter provides the blood of all, the life of all. It courses and swells, it gracefully flows, it fiercely hardens into crystals...a guarded spectacle of divine beauty and form. While some manifestations are heavy and lumbering; others disappear on a whim like smoke into the very air we breathe. Every instant, she transcends her corporeal shell, knowing all rely on her precious gift in various ways and degrees as gas, solid, and liquid. For without water nothing survives, all is rent inactive, the stasis of material death, water is literally material life.
    We are water life forms, carrying it as liquid and gas in our every fiber throughout our life that it grants us. As is the case for our plant cousin's in this strange realm, and our brother's and sister's the noble animals, who hold onto the precious knowledge of the real way of living on this majestic water life form our mother earth.
    The great and powerful earth relies on water to live like the rest of us, her explosions of molten rock, her ghostly valleys, secluded gullies, hidden chasm's, echoing caves, and living atmosphere, would not be.. only a dead shell, lifeless, cold and barren knowing only pure desolation. In turn, the earth is a gracious guest, sheltering this entity known by this current civilization's language as water, so she may frolic and play creating her incredible dancing droplets in the wind, at once pelting and soft, serene and frightening, racing down the earth's various rifts creating lush beauty with every grain. She stockpiles her frozen reserves to bask in the stunning and coveted auroras, shared with but a rare few.
    The greater part of mankind have lost their reverence and love for this omnipresent provider of life, while collectively slumbering in a nightmare the dominant culture fell into 12,000 yrs ago...yet all is not lost, a portion hath awoken, awestruck with unspeakable appreciation for the Life Granter's Supreme Gift.

..Do you yet slumber?

-Mitch Mitchell


  1. Hard to explain my feelings on this one . I liked it and I so belive in what you are saying, But it almost felt more scientific rather then natural.

  2. I understand your thoughts yet hear mine; who created the water? Water is the vector that the creator uses to impart what we call life.
    ; )