Monday, July 15, 2013

Harmonic Rhythm

    The song of the surf, the carpet of sand, the dance of the gulls; the salty coast. Peering at the limitless boardwalk of waves and invincible motion, one begins to know the truth of majesty, of strength, and of mystery. Among the twinkling crests in the moonlight, or the hazy visions of the midday sun, there is more than seen, more than felt, more than known. 
    The heartbeat of the waves pushing and pulling, inhaling and exhaling, greeting and departing, imbuing their ethereal net securing all in its reach. The rhythmic music all move in accord; the brilliant stones, the pale shells, the graceful gulls, the burrowing periwinkles, the skittering crabs, the swaying seaweed, the lumbering lobsters, the shifting sands, the bold fish, and the passionate man. The soft dunes settle the ever-present breeze; the wrinkled rose offers her hips to weary travelers, yet the great whites pass unseen. 
    This is a world of many characters, some overt and quick in the shallows of daylight, others slow and silent leaving vague traces and ravaged eggs in their path. 
Tread soft or loud here, but know this.. all will see your steps, if out of the harmonic rhythm. 

-Mitch Mitchell


  1. Beautiful writing! Been enjoying the videos, and now the imagery from words. Congrats on the new blog.

  2. Another great blog!!
    Just a note... I'm pretty sure periwinkles don't burrow, only clams do :)
    Keep up the great work my friend!!

    1. thanks bro, I always find periwinkles at the end of the tunnel under the sand when tide is out, so their tunnelers then? haha ; )