Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hidden Fire

    O' the freedom of peering easily about oneself, knowing the tree that which you gaze upon, can be coaxed to release the fire secreted away within her fibers. Mighty indeed be this element, and there inside the wood's grain it hides; requiring a conversation to which you must join if you are to have a hope of meeting her in this plane of existance..for you see the fire already exists, but in the world of potentiality.
    Delicately shaping the medium, removing all that does not belong is an act of listening, an act of respecting the fire's demands. Do you hear her words? Feel her needs? Know her comforts? Once the dialogue is started proper, all that you must learn she will reveal in due time; till one day you find she is hiding all about you, in every forest, every glen, in every season, every climate, waiting for your call, feeling your need, knowing your love.
    There are many ways to release her, spin the fibers, rub the grain, nick the edge.

She will come...if your call be true.

-Mitch Mitchell

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